A simple, restriction-less forking tool for Github

Github, by design, restricts the number of times you can fork a repo into a single account. Even then, after forking, you are bound to the upstream in your repo page, which if you are doing an iterative work can sometimes be a hinderance to marketing. There are hacks and workarounds for this, but mirror provides a user-friendly UI to apply them without command line knowledge.

1:1 Copies

Ever wanted to start a new project based off an old one? You can do that using mirror. Just put in the source and target repos, and we'll do the rest for you. Easy peasy.

Infinite Forks

Ever wanted more than one fork of a repo? Templates? Boilerplates? mirror lets you fork to your heart's content.

Break From Upstream

Making a brand new iterative work? What do you do if you want to fork and break from the upstream entirely? With normal forking, your repo will always link back to the upstream version next to the title, but mirror gives you the power to break free and start fresh.

Want to get started?

Sign in with GitHub  to mirror your first.

repo badges

Already use mirror? Want to have your repo mirrored instead of forked? Add a badge to your repo!

[![mirror this repo](http://mirror.therebelrobot.com/badge-large.svg)](http://mirror.therebelrobot.com/?source=USER/REPO)

[![mirror this repo](http://mirror.therebelrobot.com/badge-mid.svg)](http://mirror.therebelrobot.com/?source=USER/REPO)

[![mirror this repo](http://mirror.therebelrobot.com/badge-small.svg)](http://mirror.therebelrobot.com/?source=USER/REPO)

cli utility

Want to skip the middleman? Use the CLI tool!

You can find the mirror-cliutility on the npm registry. Usage details can be found on Github